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Mental health screening

Story in MENS HEALTH MAGAZINE 22 October 

Feature – Equality of Mind

Black Minds Matter

“Black British men are four times more likely than white men to be hospitalised for poor mental health,

and are less likely to seek help before they reach crisis point. The system in place to support them is broken, yet few in power have acknowledged the problem until now”.

If you are a UK-based Black man with diabetes, and you are experiencing serious mental health problems (including suicidal thoughts), we might be able to help.

Please get in touch with us, anonymously, using the email address below.

You will not be required to give your real name or address.

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A grim reality

Mental health issues are probably the most difficult to share, especially for black men who are often expected to excude masculinity and strength, and never to appear to need emotional support. Of course the reality is very different. Many black men struggle silently with depression, or even suicidal thoughts. Get in touh with us, partiularly if you live in the North West of England. We might be able to help, or refer you to a prudent organisations that can.

Get in Touch

Lebe Trust is a registered charity (CIO) in England and Wales (1190779). A charitable incorporated organisation. A member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisatoons (NCV0 member ID: MEMBER/26810). Merseyside Liverpool.

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