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Diabetes and Depression

Diabetes presents daily challenges that often lead to depression, which can be especially problematic in BAME patients, partly because mental health problems are rarely discussed and can be viewed negatively by friends and family members.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you are more likely to experience depression.

Are you depressed? Want to talk to someone who is Black, African or South Asian?

Useful NHS hotlines for people who need mental health support. There is also a list of useful charities.

Help specifically for Afro-Caribbean and South Asian people experiencing mental distress.

If you have diabetes and require mental health support, please contact your local GP. You can also visit the Mental Health Foundation website (see button above) which lists a variety of non-profit organisations that address mental health within the BAME community, including Black Thrive, an organisation that aims to end the mental health stigma, and Sharing Voices which seeks to reduce mental health inequalities.

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