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Diabetes and Dyslipidemia

“Dyslipidemia is the term for unbalanced or unhealthy cholesterol levels”.

“Many people with type 2 diabetes will often find they have high cholesterol either when diagnosed or before finding out they have type 2 diabetes”.


Dyslipidemia refers to abnormal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood that can block the arteries and cause heart disease…

Cholesterol is very high in people of Afro-Caribbean descent. Here is some useful advice from the British Heart Foundation for Afro-Caribbean people.

High cholesterol is caused by eating a fatty diet, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption…

Cholesterol can be reduced by eating less fatty food, including certain Afro-Caribbean and South Asian delicacies…

Many foods enjoyed in Afro-Caribbean homes can increase your level of cholesterol, including traditional foods that are fried or contain high levels of salt and fat, for example plaintain chips or palm oil.


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