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Diabetes and Hypertension

Hypertension simply refers to high blood pressure, and does not cause any symptoms. Hypertension is common among patients with diabetes. Furthermore, both diabetes and hypertension are more common in people of Afro-Caribbean descent.


Hypertension can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in people with diabetes. It is therefore essential to have your blood pressure checked at least once a year.


In addition to a higher risk of developing diabetes, people of Afro-Caribbean descent are more likely than other ethnic groups to develop high blood pressure.


Apart from Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, other factors can increase the risk of hypertension, such as smoking cigarettes and eating a salty diet.


Lifestyle changes are essential to reducing high blood pressure, including reducing the amount of salt contained in certain African foods (e.g. stew).

If you have diabetes and have not had your blood pressure checked recently, or within the past year, please contact your local GP as a matter or urgency. Your doctor may recommend specific medication and/or lifestyle changes to help control your blood pressure.

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