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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes refers to high blood sugar that happens during pregnancy, but often disappears after birth. It is more common in women from South Asian, Afro-Caribbean or Middle Eastern descent.
Source: Roberto Martinez, Flickr

Diabetes in pregnancy, also known as Gestational diabetes, is when a woman who did not previously have diabetes develops high blood sugar while pregnant.


The risk of developing diabetes (high blood sugar) during pregnancy is higher in BAME women, particularly those of Afro-Caribbean and South Asian origin.

The NHS is providing additional support for BAME women with gestational diabetes.

Here is a useful leaflet from NHS Birmingham about how to manage gestational diabetes.

If you are pregnant and have concerns about gestational diabetes, you can learn more and receive support by visiting the NHS website shown above, or by visiting Gestational Diabetes UK, a non-profit organisation created by mums for other mums.

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