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Ethnic minority burden

Diabetes is more common in Afro-Caribbean and South Asian people.

Most diabetes patients have at least one other health condition, complicating treatment and recovery.

Afro-Caribbean and South Asian people are more likely to have diabetes and other illnesses simultaneously.

Diabetes is several times more common in BAME compared to White adults.

BAME diabetes adults with diabetes are also more likely to have another illness

Ethnic minority communities are less likely to visit their GP, due to cultural and other barriers.

This means people with diabetes and additional health problems are less likely to be diagnosed, and hence less likely to receive appropriate treatment.

BAME adults are generally more likely to have multiple illnesses compared to White.

There is a need for culturally sensitive approaches to managing the problem.

If you are Afro-Caribbean or South Asian, and have been diagnosed with diabetes, please contact your local GP to discuss other health problems that often co-occur with diabetes (e.g. COVID-19).

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