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Volunteers help keep our doors open and enable us to deliver vital programs and services. They lend their expertise on the board of trustees, to fundraising campaigns and special events, and even provide digital online services or work directly with local communities.

Patient support groups.

Charity events and challenges.

These services all help tackle diabetes-related comorbidity and multimorbidity in the BAME community. Services provided are reviewed on a continuous basis, based on feedback from patients and volunteers.

Crisis hotline.

YouTube Channel.

Volunteers with digital skills can also assist us in organising and setting up online webinars delivered professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Finally, volunteers can assist with research projects supported by the charity, for example by helping to collect data or review literature


Research support.

Due to COVID-19 all we are currently accepting only volunteering services that can be delivered online, such as assisting with online support groups, blogs, and webinars.

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