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The board of trustees govern the charity’s grant-making policy, by setting out principles which ensure that decisions are ultimately made by the trusts Board of Trustees are consistent with the objects of the charity.


Grant-making criteria which publicly state the activities the Board of Trustees wish to support the trusts objects. However, the Board of Trustees accept that there may be occasions when grants are made outside the published criteria, but that in all such cases the activity supported will be charitable in law.


Grant-making processes which set out in comprehensive terms how decision making is carried out for different types of funds.


Grant monitoring arrangements, in which conditions are stipulated appropriate to the work to be carried out, and targets and/or milestones established and monitored.

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Lebe Trust is a registered charity (CIO) in England and Wales (1190779). A charitable incorporated organisation. A member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCV0 member ID: MEMBER/26810). Merseyside Liverpool.

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