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We are very interested in supporting interventions that can help reduce complications in BAME people with diabetes.

We believe that interventions based on a multidisciplinary approach and/or developed by a multidisciplinary team are the best way of approaching the problem, given the complex cultural factors that the health of ethnic minorities (e.g. racism).

Identifying diabetes complications in BAME people remains a challenge for GPs, partly due to insufficient contact between patients and GPs.

There is a need for new and culturally sensitive tools or instruments that help predict or identify diabetes complications in BAME people.

For example, detecting complications in BAME diabetes patients can be difficult for physicians if the patients rarely visit their GP due to perceived racism or discrimination.

A multidisciplinary approach to developing interventions is desirable, to account for wider contextual and cultural factors affecting the health of BAME patients.

Interventions can include novel psychometric tests for predicting psychological comorbidities that complicate treatment and recovery, such as depression.

Are you a health professional, postgraduate student, or researcher?

Can you help develop and trial new culturally sensitive techniques that help diagnose, predict, and reduce complications BAME diabetes patients?

If so, please see the section for professionals and research funding.

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