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Relevant publications

We feel it is important to gather together and maintain a selection of journal publications which specifically address diabetes-related comorbidity and multimorbidity in BAME people. Although there is an abundance of publications on diabetes in minority ethnic groups, we are particularly interested in research on attendance at various forms of medical testing, including COVID-19 testing.

This section provides links to some recent and relevant publications. Researchers can use these publications as the basis for developing new interventions, and/or formulating and testing new research questions that benefit BAME diabetes patients with comorbidities.

COVID-19 testing

COVID testing is becoming a hot topic. Issues such as invasive saliva tests or use of home testing kits may have cultural dimensions relevant to BAME diabetes patients.

COVID-19 testing

The UK government has identified “five pillars of testing” for COVID-19. There is a need to understanding any underlying cultural factors relevant to BAME diabetes patients.

Mental health screening

Is mental health screening in BAME diabetes patients an overlooked issue? What is the best way to encourage BAME diabetes patients to seek support for mental health problems?

Body weight assessment

The association between BMI (body mass index) and risk of diabetes may be more pronounced among Asians, meaning lower cut-off BMI values are needed to identify Asians at higher diabetes risk.

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