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Support groups

Anyone diagnosed with diabetes can benefit from support. This is particularly so for BAME people struggling with both diabetes and one or more other health problems, such as COVID-19. Many charities offer support groups. However, we don’t like the term ‘support group’, as it we believe it can make some people feel unnecessarily vulnerable, helpless, weak, and like they are a burden to others. Rather we prefer the term ‘Discussion’ group, which we feel makes people feel more empowered, since there is no presumption of vulnerability

Types of Groups

Due to COVID-19 all planned discussion groups are online. We offer two types of online discussion groups; (a) groups run by BAME friends, family members, and invited others; and (b) groups led by or involving a professional, such as a doctor or psychologist.

Focus on COVID-19

For obvious reasons our priority right now is supporting BAME people with diabetes who have also tested positive for COVID-19. COVID-19 complicates diabetes treatment and care, and may increase the risk of premature mortality.

Our volunteers

Volunteers are invaluable in helping us set up and run online support groups. For example, tech savvy young people can help manage Zoom video conferencing, or provide technical assistance to elderly parents involved in the session.

Religious faith

Given the importance of religious faith in BAME communities our online support initiatives will occasionally involve input form faith-based organisations (e.g. churches).

Are you seeking to participate in an online discussion group? Would you like to volunteer? Use the form below to register your interest and get more information

Register to Join A Discussion Group

If you are a young person who simply wants to volunteer, please add the word ‘VOLUNTEER’ at the end of your name, and we’ll be in touch.

“I really enjoyed the discussion group. I certainly would recommend this to other BAME people diagnosed with diabetes and also struggling with or worried about COVID-19. The knowledge I gained has been invaluable. I also made some new friends.”
Beth S.

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