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Who conducts the research?

How does the board of trustees decide who will carry out the research? In general we aim to fund research conducted by academics and health professionals working in both public and private sector organisations. However, note the following provisos.


The trustees will support research carried out by multidisciplinary research teams, who will typically be health professionals, or from allied health professions


Each project will be led by a Principal Investigator, who must have a PhD, or equivalent doctoral degree


We support research projects undertaken by postgraduate students (MSc, PhD level), provided they are managed by a Supervisor with a PhD or equivalent

Steering group

A Steering Group comprising experts and volunteers, will evaluate applications for research funding/support, and decide which applications are successful

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Lebe Trust is a registered charity (CIO) in England and Wales (1190779). A charitable incorporated organisation. A member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCV0 member ID: MEMBER/26810). Merseyside Liverpool.

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